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Answers to commonly asked questions.
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Here at Mashek, we try to sell only systems in good condition. There are almost always scratches on the cases but they are in good cosmetic and working condition. Of course, if you want a system that has some flaws, like broken front door hinges, or tabs missing on the top, let us know.


Our standard system warranty is now 90 days. This is enough to get through shipping, and still allow us to keep our prices down. If you need more warranty, we do offer 1 year warranties for an additional 10% of the price. The warranty covers parts replacement and shipping within US, but not labor.

Application Software

We typically do not resell software. Application software that comes in on the machines get's erased, except for some cases of software that SGI provides like Impressario SoftWindows95, etc.


Most of the workstations come in with IRIX6.5.22m installed, or are entitled to run IRIX6.5. Those machines get a fresh install of the latest IRIX6.5 we have in house (currently IRIX6.5.22m). Occasionally systems come in that are only entitled for IRIX6.2 or IRIX6.3. Those systems are given with a fresh install of IRIX6.2 or IRIX6.3. Systems that are only entitled to IRIX5.3 are usually stripped for parts. Most of the time we have IRIX6.2 and IRIX6.3 OS media that we can sell with a system entitled for that release. We also have various IRIX6.5 point release CD sets' that can be ordered with systems entitled for IRIX6.5 for additional $200 charge. Please ask for media if you need it.

Free Software

We will install the latest Freeware distribution(or packages from it) on request if the disk ordered with the system is large enough to handle it. If you want the full Freeware distribution, this means that you have to purchase a system with a 4GB or better hard drive. We can also usually install other free software on request. Just ask.

Matched Simms

We don't ship systems with mismatched memory simms. Mismatched memory simms have been known to cause memory problems, even though each simm tests out just fine. We just avoid that problem by shipping systems with every simm within a bank matching.

Hard Drives

The hard drives we use in each system typically came with the system, but because we get requests for larger storage capacities, we do use third party hard drives also. We have not seen any problems with compatibility, but we usually stick to Seagate, Quantum, and IBM drives.


At the time we update each web page, we try to make sure that everything on the page is available. There are usually multiples available of a given configuration. Just ask if you need more than 1 to make sure that we can deliver the the quantity you need. If there is something that you need that is not listed on our site, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Quantity Discounts

We do give quantity discounts on most systems. Because of fluctuations in inventory and margins, we do not maintain standard quantity discounts. You will need to ask at the time of purchase.

Technical Questions

If we haven't already answered it in our web site, please feel free to email or call. We know the machines we sell inside and out. Also check out our SGI links.


Shipping does cost extra, and must always be insured to full value. We have a shipping page that hopefully answers any shipping questions you may have.


We use various packing materials for different situations. We do recycle our packing material and boxes. For the bigger items like monitors, Indigo2s, Octanes, etc. our PKG Systems foam-in-place machine is used.


Memory, disk, graphics, misc upgrades are available on the SGI Parts page.


Monitors are not included, but are available on the SGI Monitors page at a reduce price when you buy a system.