SGI Parts Answers

Answers to commonly asked questions.
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The part I need is not listed.

If it's not there, or you can't find it in our wonderfully arranged list of parts, please ask. We get parts in all of the time, and may have several of what you need in stock, but just didn't get it up on the listings. They are very hard to keep up with

The part I need is listed, but you say you don't have any.

This happens from time to time. Please be patient with us. We sometimes have only 1 or 2 of an item in stock when we list it. Things can sell out pretty fast around here. We also may be able to get it for you if we don't currently have it in stock.

Can you guarantee compatability?

We will do our very best to assist you in confirming that parts are compatable before you buy them. We have a lot of technical expertise, and will know if the part you want is compatable with your system. However, a rule of thumb applies here: Don't buy it unless you know it is going to work with your system, or we told you that it positively will. We stand behind our word here. If we said that it is compatable with your system, and it it not, we will make it right.

Matched SIMMs & DIMMs

We don't ship memory upgrade kits with mismatched memory simms. Mismatched memory simms have been known to cause memory problems, even though each simm tests out just fine. We just avoid that problem by shipping systems with every simm within a bank matching.

Hard Drives

The hard drives we use in each system typically came with the system, but because we get requests for larger storage capacities, we do use third party hard drives also. We have not seen any problems with compatibility, but we usually stick to Seagate, Quantum, and IBM/Hitachi drives.

Quantity Discounts

We do give quantity discounts on most systems. Because of fluctuations in inventory and margins, we do not maintain standard quantity discounts. You will need to ask at the time of purchase.


Shipping does cost extra, and must always be insured to full value unless waiver is supplied in writing. Go to shipping page to for available options and requirements.