SGI Resourse Links

The below links are from SGI and others that answer a bunch of commonly asked questions. We use this page for reference and hope you do to. If you have some good sgi links that you think we should put in there, be sure to let us know so we can add them.

IRIXNetworkformally at
Silicon Graphics User Group
SGI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Archive of
Silicon Graphics Wikipedia page
Archive of SGI Technical Advice and Information
Archive of SGI FTP Site
Archive of SGI Freeware
Archive of SGI TechPubs Library
Archive of SGI Developer Central
Archive of some unsupported notes on changing the system ID on IRIX machines
Archive of SGI Anonymous FTP list by Bill Hampton
Open Source at SGI Overview
See MIPS Run book by Dominic Sweetman
Archive of Configuring and Debugging Slip and PPP for IRIX by Scott Henry
Archive of Software Ports to IRIX
Archive of PowerSeries/Crimson/Onyx RealityEngine/RealityEngine2 stuff by Simon Pigot
Archive of This Old SGI
Archive of Brent Bates' SGI Related Pages
Windows 2000 Installation on SGI 320 540