For shipping our products, we currently use DHL, UPS, and FedEx. Shipping charges are always extra, but we would always be happy to use your DHL, UPS or FedEx account number for shipments. Be sure to provide your shipping account number when ordering.


UPS is a good carrier for ground and air packages. They also have a location 15 minutes from our shop that closes at 7pm, which beats driving to the airport for later packages. Rate Calculator to help calculate their shipping charges.


FedEx Rate Finder to help calculate their shipping charges. Because of damages from mishandled packages, and lost packages, we nolonger do FedEx Ground unless requested by the customer using their account number.

DHL Express

DHL shipments must be ready by 3pm, so most orders shipping via DHL will ship the next business day. DHL has excelent rates, and acts responsibly with claims. We have had very good results with them. They provide next morning, next afternoon, 2nd day, and ground service .
We now ship internationally via DHL also. They have proved to be very speedy, and many of our international customers prefer them. DHL Get A Quote to help calculate shipping charges


For larger packackages, we use double corrugated boxes We do recycle as much packaging materials as feasible and safe. For smaller items we use foam sheets, peanuts, hard styrofoam, and bubble wrap. We are are trying to move towards using custom boxes for the smaller, repeat ship items like drives, keyboards, etc.


We have palettes and crates for many systems, but each shipment has to be handled specially. We have stretch wrap, bands, and buckles to handle most situations.

After Hours Shipping

Because we supply for maintenance contracters, we do ship late some evenings so that you can have your part the next morning. Any part orders placed after 3pm have to be arranged individually for same day shipment. Systems orders usually take too long to prep to get them out the same day. In some cases, we can ship as late as 9pm, but that involves a long drive to the airport, and works with DHL and FedEx only. If a customer requires same day shipping, a $50 airport run charge may be required. We understand your time constraints and do our best to provide this service when needed. Because of family obligations, this is not always possible.

Get a Quote

When requesting the shipping cost of an item you are(or plan on) purchasing, please provide me with the follow information. Some fields may not apply to you.

Business Name:(or persons name receiver is at a residence)
Attn:(person to receive the item, for business address)
Street: (Full street address)
Postal/Zip Code:
Telephone #:(this is important for any mishaps, or lost delivery drivers! It's required for all carriers)

Follow the above links to get shipping rate or email for a shipping quote.

All shipping originates at zip 37912,
Indigo2s are typically shipped in a box that is 24x24x16 inches with a weight of 55 lbs.
20 inch Monitors ship in a box that is 24x24x24 inches with a weight of 79 lbs.
Indys ship in a 20x20x10 inch box with a weight of 23-28 lbs.
Octanes very too greatly to provide a standard weight but have a minimum weight at about 59lbs.
O2s are typically 30 lbs packed in an 18x18x18inch box.
Multiple systems can be packed together to lower shipping cost.
Parts have varied shipping weight and dimensions, and are usually combinable in one box to save you money.