International Ordering

Note: Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin & DASH make payment a lot easier and quicker than other payment meathods. For all payment options go to Payment page.

To help make the process quicker and easier, The answers to a lot of the common questions here.

All international orders must be prepaid via Bitcoin, wire transfer, or American Express money order in US Dollars. For wire transfers, an additional $29 USD charge is added to the purchase price to cover the cost of receiving the international wire. Send an email request for the information you need to do the wire transfer once you know what you want..

We currently use FedEx, UPS, or DHL shipping services. The receiver of the packages pays for any duties + taxes at the time of delivery.

Note: If duties and taxes are not paid and we get billed for them from FedEx or other carier. They will be charged to your account.