SGI Tezro Graphics Workstations

The Tezro Graphics Workstation is a desktop version of the Origin 350 with V12(aka InfinitePerformance) Graphics added, and several PCI slots. The Tezro is a Graphics Workstation that represents the top of the line for the IRIX desktops
Processors range from a dual 700MHz R16000 up to 4 1GHz R16000B each with 16MB Secondary Cache!
From 1GB to 8GB of main memory
On the back of each compute module there is:

  • 1 serial console port
  • 2 high speed serial ports
  • 7 133/100MHz PCI-X slots
  • 10/100/1000BaseT ethernet
  • keyboard and mouse ports
  • Audio input and output ports
  • 2 Ultra160 SCSI busses(1 internal, 1 external) for 320MB/s total SCSI bandwidth
  • Real time interrupt input and output ports
  • V12 Graphics board with analog RGB and TDMS video on DVI-I monitor port

    Tezro parts and upgrades are available on Tezro Parts page.

    Tezro systems come with a fresh full installation of IRIX6.5.27m. Media is not included unless otherwise noted. The latest Freeware can be loaded on request.

    Tezro systems come with a 90day(from receipt) warranty that covers the hardware against failure. A 12 month warranty is available for an additional 10%.

    Below are the configurations in stock as of this page update. If you would like to alter the configuration, just email us.

    Tezro 4x700 Workstation

    4x800MHz R16000 processors w/8MB Secondary Cache per processor
    4GB Memory
    73GB Hard Drive
    CDROM Drive
    1 Built in Gigabit ethernet port
    2 Built in Ultra160 controllers
    4 Built in high speed Serial ports
    3 free PCI-X 3.3V Slots
    Infinite Performance(V12) Graphics IRIX6.5.27m installed